Taken Back or Taken Aback?

I just finished watching two videos on You Tube by two leaders in network marketing.

In each video (two different people, two separate videos) the presenter mentioned that they were

“taken back” by something.

The speaker was clearly trying to indicate that he/she had been surprised, but “taken back” tells the listener that the speaker was taken to a previous time. For example, “I was taken back to my youth when heard that song.”

Taken “aback” is the correct way to indicate that you are surprised or shocked by something.

Common mistake made by many.  Next time you want to be a smarty pants just remember to use the right words and your audience will be “taken aback” by your intelligence!

Until next time, Peace.





If I Had My Child to Raise Again. . .

The video I am sharing below gives insight into what people would do differently given the chance to raise their children again.

I am thankful to say that I have no regrets as I watched this video.  I worked very hard to customize a work/lifestyle that allowed me to spend a great deal of time with my son (now 16) as he grew up.

It is not easy – work, home, children – moms and dads today have more to juggle than ever before.  Raising a child today requires a lot of “thinking outside of the box.”  

How did I do it?  Well, as soon as I new my son was on his way, I advised my boss at the time (an attorney) that I was going to have a baby.  His immediate reaction was concern that he would have to replace me (I had been working with him for many years at that point).  Thankfully, I had a plan ready to present to him.  For six years I did my paralegal work from home and drove to the office daily to drop off files and pick up new work.  Yes, it was not normal, and it took a bit of getting used to, but it allowed me to be Mom when I needed and wanted to be.

It was not uncommon for me to work at 5 a.m. or 11:00 p.m. while my baby was sleeping.  This freed me up to be available and attentive while he was awake.

Flexibility and willingness to compromise helped me to fully enjoy raising my son.

Given a second chance at parenthood, what would you do differently?

Please share this post with other parents or soon-to-be parents who may also be inspired.


Work From Home

Wishing you Peace & Prosperity,

Liz Bronson



The Power of Daily Reading

Brushing, flossing, vitamins, exercise – we do so many things to keep our bodies in shape.

What about our minds?

A daily commitment to reading for even 15 minutes to a half hour can do wonders to expand your knowledge, spark your interests, and get your creative juices flowing.

So many of us a focused on how much we “multi-task.”  It is healthy for your mind and body to take the time to sit quietly, turn off the outside distractions and focus on one thing. Surprisingly, many adults seem to suffer from the inability to sit still without one or more forms of stimulus keeping them occupied.

Reading can help us focus better, if we do it in a quiet place without distraction – remember the old-time librarian “SHHHH!” well, she had the right idea.  Consider quiet focus like exercise for your brain.

Have kids?  This is a great habit to form early on.  It is a time that the entire family can come together and be together without outside stimulus.  Don’t forget to discuss what you are reading.  Even a five year old can answer simple questions about the characters and plot of a story.  This helps the child to become comfortable with communicating what they have read and it allows you to see how he/she is doing with comprehension.

Start a 90 day reading program.  Take 15 minutes or more each day to read (no cheating make it 90 days straight).  It will become a habit that you won’t want to break.

Every day holds the opportunity to learn and expand our horizons.  Every book holds the possibility of new knowledge, enjoyment and adventure.

Wishing you many Happily Ever Afters!